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"Carleton Hurdle performed for our Christmas party. His singing was superb and the audience loved him! I would highly recommend him to any party planner!"

Diane Feffer

Director of Marketing

CINEMARK Corporation

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"As a fashion show producer I appreciate working with people like Carleton who can stage a professional show with very little rehearsal of the most fun and high energy shows I have ever done!"

Dixie Geddes

Denton County Medical Society

One of Carleton Hurdle's fondest childhood memories was listening to Elvis sing. The music stirred his soul and began a lifetime appreciation for the man they called the King of Rock'n'Roll. He didn't know it at the time but Carleton's admiration would one day turn into a tribute to the man and his music.

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     As a boy Carleton's mother encouraged him to sing like Elvis at family reunions. Years later, while attending Oral Roberts University on a basketball scholarship, he was asked to lead the student body in song during a chapel service. Afterwards everyone told him how much he sounded like Elvis. But Carleton wasn't trying to sound like Elvis. It was just his natural way of singing.



As with Elvis, Carleton's   musical inspiration began with Gospel music. In fact, prompted by his church, Carleton performed his first tribute at a church           banquet. Soon Carleton was entertaining for major 

corporations as well as making television appearances as the king. One of his favorite personal moments occurred when he sang for Elvis' stepbrother and bodyguard Rick Stanley.


Early performance at a family reunion at the encouragement

of my mom.


First paid gig in 1995. Rented suit and painted on sideburns!

When you see Carleton perform

and you hear him sing, you can tell he really has a passion for the music that made Elvis a legend. But his greatest

desire is to live his life for the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. 

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